Aqua Classes

Shallow water class utilizing pool toys for added buoyancy and flotation. Hydro-tone paddles and booties will be used to give you resistance in water for maximum muscle toning. This class is a must for individuals needing to avoid impact on the joints. Pool temperature is kept at a comfortable level. Not designated as an Arthritis Class.


This cross-training/cardiovascular workout class is a highly effective full body workout. Cardio intervals are combined with strength and core strengthening.

Pilates Reformer

Utilizes a versatile piece of equipment that promotes strength, flexibility, and balance.  It focuses on alignment and accurate muscle engagement. It is known to improve back pain, injury recovery, weight loss, balance, posture, and stability.

Mat Pilates

This class consists of a series of controlled low-impact exercises that engage the mind & body to develop strong, flexible muscles, without bulk, improve posture, and enhance body awareness. 

Myo-Fascial Stretch 

Learn how to properly use the magical foam roller to improve joint range of motion, decrease muscle soreness, and joint stress. Additional deep stretching is added to promote muscle balance.

Peloton Cycle

An indoor cycling class using Peloton Bikes - It’s the quickest way to get in shape! Create a personal Peloton account to track your progress, complimentary to Club Members. We recommend cycling shoes, padded bike shorts & heart rate monitors but not required.

Tabata Bootcamp

Fit in 4 Minutes with High-Intensity Interval Cardiovascular Training interspersed with weightlifting and core training. Push yourself in this fast-paced, challenging class. Work at your own intensity level – high impact or low impact, you choose. Come see what all the buzz is about.

Vinyasa Yoga 

Moving seamlessly from one pose to another while focusing on the breath. Vinyasa Yoga practice improves strength, endurance, and flexibility. 


The best of Yoga and Pilates combined in one 45 minute class. Emphasizes proper alignment, body flexibility, and balance.


Through a verity of yoga poses this class offers a unique, low impact, low stress movement and stretching routine that incorporates active stretching techniques designed to improve balance, range of motion, and flexibility.


Suspension training using body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.

Functional Training 

Uses weights and other equipment to improve strength and agility. These exercises are designed to enhance the personal performance of everyday tasks with less effort and ultimately reduce the risk of injuries. Functional Training is also a high-energy class perfect for boosting your metabolism and burning off unnecessary body fat.