ADERO means "She who gives life," and this simple yet all-encompassing statement has informed every aspect of our lifestyle.

Far from the stereotype of a barren and parched place, we are the caretakers of a Living Desert legacy.

This private sanctuary is where health, wellness, and fitness are not just encouraged, they are nourished, sustained, harmonized with the desert, and also connected to the rest of the world.

This is an elevated approach to a more complete life...defined by the balance between energy and serenity, exhilaration and refinement, motivation and contentment, luxury resort and private members' club.

This is a Club and a lifestyle unlike any other in the region, distinguished by a perfect balance of activity and relaxation, presented with gracefulness and consummate hospitality, and enjoyed in a refined retreat where every visit only confirms this is a truly unique and exceptional place...

The Club at ADERO.