Debbie Adrig


photo of Debbie Adrig

Debbie Adrig’s passion for health and fitness began at a very young age. Debbie joined her first gym when she was only 19 and now at the age of #@ Debbie continues to maintain peak physical fitness. The key to Debbie’s success lies in her well-rounded and all-encompassing workout routines and it’s how she trains all of her clients. Debbie has been a certified Personal Trainer (CPT) for 11 years through N.A.S.M., where she also holds certifications for C.E.S., W.F.S., and S.F.S. She is also Water Aerobics certified with A.E.A., F.A.I. a certified Functional Aging Specialist, and TRX certified. Debbie really takes continued learning seriously and enjoys adding to her extensive certifications and overall knowledge of health and wellness. As we welcome Debbie to the team she says, “It's my fun pleasure to create workouts that are safe, challenging, and enjoyable!”